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July 2: Beyond “How Are You?”

Our roles as financial advisors have changed drastically. We help our clients in many unique & different ways than ever before. We have added roles as therapists, grief counselors, and trusted life guides, in addition to being advisors.  

Communicating in the era of Coronavirus is hard and challenging. Everything we did and know both in our personal as well as professional lives has been turned upside down.

A recent MDRT research study shows that people choose an advisor to work with who exhibits emotional intelligence 87% of the time. Clear, caring communication is imperative.  

So how do you connect with clients in a real way that is effective and empathic?

Now is the time when you make or break your future. We will present a detailed outline of how with just a few changes, you can solidify your current client base, increase referrals and make your role in people’s lives take on greater importance.

We will share scientifically proven methods for truly connecting with clients – way beyond “How are you?” that will grow and strength your practice, and reduce your burn out!


Please join Rita Robbins, Founder and President of Affiliated Advisors, and learn how simple it can be to truly make a difference to your cleints and prospects.

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